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NOT FOR SALE is more of a showcase then commercial gallery, we want to create a discussion about the current over commodification of art, to put power in the hands of artists, and we are happy to have a work on loan, and not for sale, or a work for sale.

We have projectors capable of mapping the whole space, with sound and video engineering capabilities, and we can create physical custom editions of new forms of media in our attached studios (Digital, Video, Sound, NFTs) using custom media boxes finished to any specified requirement. 

To see the gallery grow, we do a “Pay What You Feel” model, where if an artist sells, they might choose to make a donation towards the gallery’s running cost and funding future shows, and in that case it would be received with gratitude.

We also have A0+ printing facilities attached to the gallery, and we want to encourage a broad patronage of collectors at different life stages. We suggest if the artist feels their work is appropriate to be printed, we do very limited edition print of the work in the show. For example, no more then 10 per size, print on demand and ONLY during the run of the show. The artist to set the price per print, and we would ask 20% for the running costs.

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