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8th February

28th March

 The Susurrations of HiddenTendrils

Malgosia Stepnik & Alexa Muen 

Hidden Tendrils.JPG

In search of growth via radical self exploration and artistic expression Malgosia Stepnik shares the next steps within her practice with her show, “The Susurrations of Hidden Tendrils”. 

Emerging from social and personal constrictions, her practice pushes against her previous self imposed limits of beauty and aesthetics. She plunges into fundamental truth of her experiences as a woman and as an artist.

Malgoisia Stepnik

“Everything is Vibration. We live in the sea of energy where everything is connected to everything else.”

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21st November

3rd February

Alexa Muen

The Transience of Joy


The “Transience of Joy” is an experiential component based site specific installation by Alexa Muen.

The exhibition is a shared holistic journey into joy, helping people become more present – a light 'Memento mori'.

 The show explores the concept of joy through childhood memories, nature and the spark of inspiration within the creative process. It invites people to play within space, and to connect with their own awareness of joy.

1st July

29th September

Group show



Sanctuary is an experiential group exhibition celebrating the natural world, the flow of time and our intersection with both.


The exhibition of new and recent works, guide us to flow with images, words and installations to find the essence of the natural world, and our holistic unity.

"Sanctuary" transports visitors from the bustling summer chaos of London to a serene, harmonious environment, enveloping them in a resonant, tranquil, and connected space. This transformative exhibition invites viewers to experience the peace and majesty of nature, encouraging a sense of holistic unity.

Participating artists photographer Jasmine Rossi, and multi media artists  Graham Roos, Lily Ashley,  and Alexa Muen guide us to be immersed in nature,  the peaceful rhythm of the seasons, and in awe of the dramatic power.

2nd May

25th June

Group show

Light is Life


“Light is Life “ is a light art showcase exhibition highlighting seven multidisciplinary artists who use specific use of light is a main component within their disparate practices.

Each of the artists has a distinct expression and exploratory approach to light within their work.

21st March

26th April

Alexa Muen


Bodhi Muen.jpg

Bhodi, meaning enlightenment in Sanskrit, is an invitation to explore spirituality and materiality. Alex Muen's canvases, sculptures and projections are filled with substance: her unique approach to light art blends informed investigations of the physical and spiritual nature of energy and light.

The Seminal Works

Group Opening Exhibition 

2nd February 

18th March

To mark the inaugural show at Not For Sale we are presenting a group show of seminal works by our associated artists.

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