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At the NFS, we view artists as collaborators, we are grateful for the opportunity to share their works within our community.

We encourage patrons and collectors to reach out to them directly to discuss any commissions, or sales.


A multi-disciplinary artist and poet, living and working in London. She has explored many different artistic outlooks through her performances, film-making, and photography.

milenial blue.JPG

Jasmine Rossi portrays nature in its most elementary form. She has travelled around the globe to photograph places of pure matter. She unites methodology with a marked sense for the uniqueness of a picture.


Graham Roos is an award winning writer, cine-poet and director. Working mainly in the visual medium of film and text, Graham's work aims to inform and enlighten.


2023-04-20 1-55-09 pm copy.jpg
dougle drawing.JPG

Dougal Kirkland works across media including performance, video, printmaking and predominantly drawing. His drawings combine observation, memory and imagination.

2023-04-19 3-54-31 pm.jpeg

Stepnik explores the inevitability of interconnectedness and its implications in the context of  the relatedness and its impact on humanity.


Chila Kumari Singh Burman combines different techniques including painting, collage and printing together. Her works include short films, collages and self portraits.

jasony young art.jpg

Jason Yung is a new media artists who  works primarily in light, using LEDs, but also using other mediums. Yung aims to bring together the visual principles of traditional painting with new media.

2023-03-13 4-15-38 pm.jpeg

Artist and pianist.


She is a multi media sculptor with a focus on working in luminous glass. 

2023-04-19 3-47-07 pm.jpeg

An Interdisciplinary Mexican artist based in England, researching at the intersection of art and science.

black background d24.jpg
2023-04-20 1-51-02 pm.jpeg
nour painting.JPG
greg bio pic.JPG
greg painting 2.jpg

Her art is a junction of interconnecting layers of emotion, spirituality, materiality, technology and traditional craft. She uses both more traditional media in her artwork as well as contemporary technological materials.

Through her paintings, she invites us into alternate worlds of humanoid creatures that uncomfortably engage with one another in overly charged environments.

His work captures a nostalgic detritus of memory alongside the observed as it moves anarchically between the abstract and the figurative.

electra bio pic.JPG
electa painting.JPG

Electra Simon is an artist with a practice that bridges art, design, storytelling and creative direction.

WORD - Love (Edition 1) 2022-09-14 at 20.35.13.png
anthony cairns.jpeg
anthony cairna work.jpeg

Antony's work captures urban scenes at night, focusing on structures in various stages of development. He experiments with light on analogue film, exploring darkroom techniques mixing obsolete technology to create new modern forms of expression.

QinZa Najm.jpg

Qinza Najm, a Pakistani-American interdisciplinary artist based in NYC and Lahore. Najm holds a PhD in emotional intelligence, using art to explore empathy, social norms, and human identity, fostering understanding through immersive experiences.


Fiona Zhou is a visionary artist that holds a MA in Applied Imagination from Central Saint Martins. She initiates innovative projects that engages with cultural identities through a fusion of online and offline activities.

Fromm studio.png

Fromm is a British 3D studio by Vince Ibay and Jessica Miller. Their unique graphic style serves as a colourful antidote to reality. Their offbeat and playful sensibilities have consistently provided flair of irreverence.

Alex ford.jpg
ruina zjou 2.jpg

Alex makes work as a celebration that draws on different mediums and forms exploring sculptures, films, drawings, paintings and animatronics. His work explores themes offset by an underlying feeling of tension.

Chiara zaccagnini.jpeg
chiara zaccagnini work.jpeg

Architect and Digital Artist interested in photography and emergent technologies and key aspects of identity and resolution in Digital Art.


Maria is a creative technologist, educator, activist & co-founder of Ricebox Studio. Using Augmented Reality, illustration and AI-generated content, she explores themes of fragmented identity, buddhism, productivity.

alex pave .jpg

Alex is crafting meta-modernist moments designed to disrupt and spark curiosity. His audience immerses in a gamified journey, captivated by the narrativeinitially appearing as sci-fi. Crafting sculptures, installations, and performances that weave together into a magnificent tapestry of "world-building"

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