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NOT FOR SALE is a commercial showcase gallery, created to help foster a discussion about the current over commodification of art. Putting power back in the hands of artists, and creating clear channels of communication about what is "For Sale" and why.


While some artist's work wont be "For Sale" at all, we encourage participating artists to make micro editions of 10 prints of varying sizes (A3-A0) for sale during the run of the show.


NFS wants to encourage patronage regardless of the life stage of the collector, and we believe reasonably priced prints offer a way to create a collaborative union between the artist and patron.

During the show we will mark the pieces with a GREEN mark signifying the main work is for sale. An AMBER mark means the work is for sale but with caveats. A RED mark means prints are for sale. If the work is "Not for Sale" there will be no mark near the work.

To see the gallery grow, we do a “Pay What You Feel” model where when an artist sells they voluntarily contribute towards the gallery’s running cost and funding future shows. We are also gratefully accept donations from patrons and organisations who believe in our remit.

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